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Cultural Fragments (CO)


1 - Caño Cristales, a succession of manholes, rapids and waterfalls located near the town of La Macarena is arguably one of the most spectacular sites of the world.  For a short span of time between the wet and dry seasons, the river, also known as “The river that ran away from __________ (8)” explodes in a kaleidoscope of yellow, blue, green, black and red.


2 - Small farmers from the mountains outside Medellin have long brought their __________ (7) into town for sale.  In 1957 the tourist board asked the venders to parade their wares through town.  This has since become a tradition in Medellin.


3 - The Caldas Manizales historic center has a neo-classical, neo-gothic, and neo-renaissance __________ (10) architecture.  The city also has a mixed concrete and adobe construction which is unique to Colombia and Latin America. 


4 - The Lajas Cathedral is located in Ipiales was built on the bridge spanning the __________ (5) .  The city is located near the boarder with Ecuador. 


5 - In the center of Bolívar Square, the main square of the city, is a statue of Simón Bolívar.  The inscription on the statue reads, “If Caracas gave me life, Cartagena granted me the ________(5).” 


6 - Raizals or “__________ (13)” refer to a group of people who are native islanders as well as immigrants to the island.  The native islanders have kept strong cultural ties to Jamaica and Haiti.  As of 2005, Raizals made up approximately 57% of the total population.


7 - The northernmost part of the country is home to the __________ (7) desert which has extremely large coal reserves.  The desert also contains a national park that is a tropical oasis.




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